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June 24, 2017

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July 29 - A recent study shows that 1 out of 3 people have done this unadvisable thing at work.           What is it?          Go on a date with a co-worker

July 28 - The average person spends two years of their life doing this.  What is it?          Talking on the phone

July 27 - The taller you are, the more unlikely it is that you'll be allergic to this.  What is it?          Grass

July 26 - About 900 people end up in the ER every year for an injury caused by doing this.  What is it?          Walking & texting

July 21 - Nine out of every 10 homes in the US have this in it.  What is it?          Ice cream

July 20 - It's easier for men to do this, and stay doing this very common thing.  What is it?          Stay awake

June 23 -According to Cosmo Magazine - About 25% of people divorice because of THIS...What is it?
Addiction to the Internet!

 June 21 - These come in many colors, but the most common is brown.  What is it?          Wallets

 June 20 - The average American pet has two of these.  What are they?          Nicknames

 June 17 - According to USA Today - Americans spend $25 Billion dollars on this every year....What is it? Beer!

June 16 - More than 19% of women find it sexy when a man wears this.  What is it?          Wrestling uniform

June 15 - Couples that are not married do this more than married couples.  What is it?        Cuddle

June 13 -According to USA Today - Most of us have at least 10 of these and on average 465 million are made each year...What are they?  T-shirts!

June 10 -23% of spouses say THIS is the most annoying thing about their mate...What is it?
Their LAUGH!

June 6 - Roughly 30% of couples will do this at least once this weekend. What is it? Go out to eat

June 3 - The average American will do this 80 times per year. What is it? Use an ATM

June 1 - 80% of adult men know how to do this, while only 65% of adult women do. What is it? Roll their tounge

May 26 - People do this during the day for necessity; they do it at night for recreation. What is it? Read

May 25 - Experts say doing this will peak in 7 years. What is it? Texting

May 23 - It's becoming socially acceptable for men to do this. What is it? Cry in public 

May 20 - According to USA Today - About HALF of all Americans are trying to do THIS on any given day! What is it? Loose weigh!

May 19 - There are two of these for every one person in the U.S. What are they? Credit cards

May 18
- This is the number one work complaint of women in the workplace. What is it? Stress

May 17 - Studies show that doin this everyday task can give you a significant energy boost. What is it? Brushing your teeth
May 16
- 30% of us will do this at least 3 times this weekend. What is it? Purchase food

May 12 - 2% of adults actually believe that these exist in real life. What are they? Dragons

May 11
- 25% of the U.S. workforce wore one of these to work today. What is it? A t-shirt

May 10 -The amount of households that had one of these decreased for the first time ever in 2010.

What is it? A T.V.

MAY 9TH- 27% of Moms received this for Mother's Day. What is it? Candy

MAY 6th- According to Reader's Digest - 38 is the average of someone who does THIS...What is it?  Files for bankruptcy!

May 4 - Doctors say doing more of this very basic thing will make you healthier. What is it? Walking

April 29 - According to - About 30% of men have cried because of THIS...What is it?  The result of a sporting event! Please!

April 28 - Women do this three times the amount that men do.  What is it?        Discipline

April 26 - Most women pay close attention to this, but 79% of men pay little or no attention to it.  What is it?        GPS directions

April 25-The odds that you will do THIS are about 5,000 to 1...What is it? 

Catch a ball at a major league baseball game!

April 22 - According to Reader's Digest - Out of all of THESE purchased in a year...more than 5,000 of them don't get used! What are they?  Marraige licenses!

April 21 - People who are "happy" tend to NOT do this.  What is it?        Hold grudges

April 19 - 138 million Americans have done this in the last month.  What is it?        Text message

April 18 - Odds are better than 50% that you'll do this "chore" at some point this weekend.  What is it?        Pay bills

April 13 - 45 million Americans have one of these.  What is it?        A tattoo

April 12 - 30% of Americans did this at least 5 times this weekend.  What is it?        Make a phone call

April 11 - Doing this has been on the rise steadily over the last 10 years, most likely because it's cheap.  What is it?        Watching TV on the internet

APRIL 4TH: According to NASA - THIS happened for the FIRST time ever in space on Skylab 2 in 1973.  What was it?   An astronaut gave a fellow astronaut a HAIRCUT!






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